Kashmir records low vaccination figures, people question availability

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On Sunday, all vaccination centres across Kashmir recorded zero vaccinations. The official data released in the evening showed zero in all categories of vaccination in the valley, the data for the Jammu region, however, showed around 9,000 vaccinations.

Sources on the ground said there were no vaccines available in the valley for the public as the doses have mostly run out.

The vaccination data for around last week was abysmally low, with most days drawing a blank. This has left scores of people in the lurch who desperately want to get vaccinated.

“They say vaccination is so important to deal with the pandemic today, but how will I get a vaccine when there are none available,” said Mudasir Ahmad, a Srinagar resident.

Ironically Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has reportedly set a timeline of 10-days for achieving the target of 100 per cent vaccination of the 45 + plus age group with the first dose. Many however questioned the fact that this will only be possible when an adequate number of vaccines will be kept available in J&K.

The region so far has vaccinated around 28 lakh people, out of this close 15 lakh vaccinations have been given to people in the Jammu region while around 13 lakh people in the Kashmir valley.

The Jammu district has achieved the highest score of 99 per cent vaccination in the age group of 45 years and above while Srinagar stands at less than 36 per cent.

“If it continues like this in Kashmir, then we will be far behind in the fight against Covid-19. On one hand, the government claims that there is no shortage of vaccines and on the other hand if you look at these figures the picture is different,” said Mir Bilal, a Srinagar resident on lack of vaccines in Kashmir.

“Why is there so much disparity in the number of vaccines available in Kashmir. The government needs to keep vaccines available for the people to get them”, said Firdous, another Srinagar resident.

The official sources reveal that the UT is yet to receive fresh stock of vaccine doses and as soon as the doses are received the vaccine centres will be replenished.

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